Decorate Your Cities With Purpose Built State-Of-Art City Clocks

A city needs clocks on its streets, so passerby and people living nearby can see what time of the day it is. Street clocks for cities have been in fashion since centuries because they add value and substance. A city clock made for streets now vary from the ones that used to be installed yesteryear. Now we have modern and technologically advanced clocks that can either operate on electric power or solar energy. Depending on the choice they can be installed on streets, buildings, parks, golf courses and other public places. Post and pole clocks are most sought after for street use, and solar type clocks are most suited for outdoor purpose. A city can customize these clocks to suits its theme and requirements. The clock can be obtained in large sizes and can be two faced or four faced. The four faced canister clocks are much suited for road junctions or a park. The solar clocks can automate time themselves as they are now integrated with GPS and can track down accurate time quite easily. When you have these solar clocks you not only save maintenance and upkeep but also save environment as they have no carbon emission whatsoever. These city clocks can be installed on building tops, front and fascia and thus add beauty and elegance to the structure. City clocks can also be installed on specially built platforms where you could also inscribe city name, area, message etc. The manufacturer will fabricate the clock according to specification and even have hand painted messages on the clock case or dial. Message boards are convenient for displaying message to large number of people. For an instance a school needs message boards at various points of its premises show students can read what is being conveyed to them by school management. The write and wipe message boards are now passe and the new age emergency message board with electronic digital display is here. These are versatile message boards that can flash messages at will and according to the instruction given to them by the school computer network. Both recorded and live message can be broadcast in text as well as voice, and they are very useful during emergency situations. The message boards can navigate students out of trouble when school building or classroom experience untoward incidents like a fire breakout. With their intelligent way of direction showing the message boards will guide students to the nearest exit and evacuate them to safety. Internet powered time update The clock can function on its own in terms of time update via GPS and can work nonstop using solar energy. You could also obtain electric clocks with GPS/LAN/WAN controlled internet time. Time updates are done automatically and you don’t need to synchronize clocks. The clocks can be part of the building or a separate platform or tower can be built to house huge dial face clocks. The clocks are afforded with strong casing that can withstand the harshest winds and the foulest weather conditions. Overall the clock will need no assistance whatsoever from you once installed. It will make your building famous among the locals and outsiders equally.