Particular Art Exhibition of Famous And Daring Painter

Last October, the art world welcomed the reappearance of famous painter Albert Valiakhmetov who had some years away from the media. Where he was all this time and what he was doing remains a mystery. Albert had been accused on several occasions of forgery of works. The counterfeiting of works is one of the issues that has caused most revolts within the art world, the reality is that hundreds of artists and art galleries, have been accused of counterfeiting on more than one occasion. Albert always declared that he was innocent, it’s been some time since these accusations and for many it is in the past. Perhaps for this reason the painter decided to return with a nouvelle and pretty particular exhibition of paintings. Each artist has a unique ability to express himself, but not everyone is able to take this step. Daring art exhibition As we have mentioned Albert Valiakhmetov made a small and exclusive art exhibition, in which several works of himself completely naked were exhibited. This exhibition had an extremely stunning effect. We could see very daring paintings in which the painter Albert Valiakhmetov, was in different rooms of his house while being completely naked, as in the kitchen preparing food, leaving the bathroom, even in his room looking at himself in the mirror. Each of the guests at the art show turned out to be relatives, friends and acquaintances of the painter. The moment the guests entered the exhibition they were surprised that each of the paintings displayed a realistic image of the painter without any clothing. This was unexpected for every guest of this event. “I don’t feel uncomfortable with my portraits” Something very curious is that while facing all this, the painter did not show any kind of unease or discomfort, nor did he seem very uncomfortable with any of the paintings. He expressed more than once that he felt comfortable with what he saw in the portraits, and was happy to show another facet of his career: Self-portraits. Albert Valiakhmetov has received many comments about this exhibition; many claim that it is a very awkward way to become the center of attention again. In some sense, he managed to achieve this. Possible purchasers? Regardless of the criticisms, what was even more curious about this interesting art exhibition was the number of people (including many of the guests) who showed interest in acquiring some of the exhibited works, due to the quality of the painting and the realism with which the author of each portrait expressed himself. No great interest has been shown for the sale of these works by the artist, nor have details been offered of what will be done with them, but in one of his social networks Albert Valiakhmetov declared that he was not against these works being visible to all. It has not yet been confirmed if the works were put on sale, but undoubtedly, the large number of buyers interested in acquiring some of these works, was really surprising for the renowned painter, who day by day is gaining more followers interested in his art.