Return On Engagement The New ROI For Trade Show Exhibitors

Garnering the attention your brand requires to make participating in an industry event worthwhile can prove to be a difficult challenge. Not only do you need to display an informative and visually appealing trade show stand that adequately showcases your brand highlights, but you also have to do it in a way that helps you stand out from competitors attending the same event. When it comes to corporate event production, simply having a custom-designed trade show booth is not enough; in order to truly connect with your consumer demographic in a meaningful way, every booth (and the employees manning it) has to engage and interact with visitors to ensure that they will remember your brand long after the show has ended. ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES TO CONSIDER When creating your trade show stand, always work with your event planner to consider ways to engage the visiting attendees who take the time to check out your offerings. While it’s important to not overwhelm guests with a sensory onslaught as soon as they step inside your exhibit, you should try to maximize engagement with every potential customer. Consider the following approaches and techniques to ensure that you offer visitors an exhibit that effectively engages and delivers your branding message: PRODUCT/COMPANY DEMONSTRATIONS Using live product and company demonstrations within your corporate trade show stand is a great way to connect with the crowd. A live product demonstration is an optimal way to not only show visitors what your brand has to offer, but it can also appeal to a wide range of your guests’ senses – they’ll hear, see, touch and even smell what your product has to offer. By appealing to their sensory and cognitive capabilities in this way, your exhibit is sure to make a lasting impact. INTERACTIVE SELLING STORIES Using personalized selling or success stories at your trade show booth is another excellent way to engage and connect with consumers on an entirely new level. Rather than handing out marketing sheets with referrals and client endorsements, spread out your narrative throughout the trade show stand itself. Use banner stands to begin the story and point guests in the right direction for the next section. From there, use other reading materials or even audio prompts to allow visitors to continue hearing your company success stories at their own specific pace for a lasting first impression. DISPLAY STRATEGIES FOR VISITOR ENGAGEMENT For brands that truly want to go high-tech with their displays and exhibits, there’s a wide range of available interactive display strategies that can be employed. Set up tablets throughout your booth to offer demos, quizzes and other promotional materials that attendees can enjoy at their own pace. Display a customized lighting system that turns on as visitors approach various products within the exhibit for additional impact. You can also use touch screens within your booth to answer questions that your visitors may have as they learn more about your product. Whether you’re exhibiting to attract more leads or increase brand awareness, you cannot achieve your goals if you’re unable to interact with the visitors and keep them engaged. The fact is, the more you invest in providing an emotionally satisfying and compelling visitor experience at your trade show booth, the greater your chances are of making it a success. And as always, it’s best to partner with a professional that focuses on event production in Los Angeles if you want to get the most out of your trade show exhibit.