Must-know Tips to Maintain Car Air Conditioning Winnipeg

In the hottest days, you want to get the most from your in-car climate control system. Right?? So you should maintain your car’s AC to keep your car refreshingly cool in the warmer weather and to extend the life of your vehicle. Here are some easy DIY vehicle climate control maintenance tips by auto serice experts of Winnipeg. 1.) Keep The Cabin Air Filters Clean: A dirty air filter not only affect the air quality blowing into the cabin of the car. It also decrease your fuel mileage. When you clean the cabin air filters, you improve your fuel/gas mileage. So keep the cabin air filters clean and get good cooling. 2. Change Your Cabin Air Filters On Schedule: A dirty cabin air filter can be the reason of low fuel mileage. So replace the cabin air filters on schedule in your owner’s manual, which is probably every year or every 15,000-20,000 miles. So you can change the air filter after winter season. In winter season the air filter tends to become clogged with larger debris. Because we don’t use car’s climate control much in winters. So you can change air filters after the winters season. 3. Run the Air Conditioner Once a Week: If you have not drive your car from a week or more than a week then it can damage your vehicles’s climate control. So once in a week, you should turn the air conditioner on and then let it run for maximum 10 to 15 minutes. This will not let your car’s air conditioner get damaged. So set the car’s temperature to the coolest setting. This reduce the chance of a mechanical problem from developing. 4. Get a Full Air Conditioning Service from Experts: Your car’s climate control system needs to be recharged every 2 years. But you should always take an expert help with the process and provide a tune-up for the climate control system. Winter’s Auto Service is the most experienced and reliable auto air conditioning Winnipeg . We can help car owners to get the best car climate control service at the lowest price. 5. Start Slow: Do not set to the high temperature. Always set the climate control to the lowest temp and adjusting the fan makes the car air conditioning more efficient, which will dry out the air less, and you will also get better fuel mileage. This is also an important point to follow for maintaining your car’s AC or to extend the life of the AC. 6. Don’t Ignore Leaks and Weird Sound: If you observe leaks or weird sound from your car’s climate control system, so you should not ignore this problem. Check the cabin air filters or you can also get it checked by ” autobody professionals”. Because if you ignore these tiny problems, then these tiny problems can cost you a lot. So if you observe any weird sound or leakage, take your vehicle to the best service shop of your area. ļ¶Final Thoughts: If you follow these easy DIY tips to maintain your car’s climate control system, then these tips will not only help your car’s AC give the good cooling. These tips will also extend your car’s AC life. Regular car servicing from the experts is also very important to keep your car’s air conditioning running. But get the best service only and best service you can only get from the most experienced auto service providers of your area. So search for the best car service providers of your area and do not forget to check the online reviews of the shop. After checking the online reviews, take your car to the shop. You can also compare the rates before visiting.