3 Application Areas of Solar Lighting

The world is experiencing a massive energy crisis in this 21st century. According to a report by BP, the global carbon emission reached its peak in the year 2018. It grew by almost 2%, which is the fastest recorded growth rate in the past seven years. This evidently reflects the immediate need of sustainable and environment-friendly practices. Thus, people are required to shift their reliance on renewable resources for managing their energy demands. In India, a large part of the energy is consumed in lighting commercial buildings, residential spaces and transport infrastructure. Nevertheless, the leading LED lighting manufacturers have answered this sustainability call with a holistic approach of solar lighting solutions. For instance, Wipro Lighting has utilized the potential of a promising renewable source of energy i.e. sunlight in their solar lighting solution, SolaRISETM that aims to make solar power a viable energy solution for all. Here are some of the areas where solar lighting solutions can benefit both the people as well as the authorities: Highways and Roadways Solar street lighting is one of the most efficient lighting solutions for all the highway and roadway infrastructure in the country. These easy to install lights require no external power source to operate as they are equipped with solar panels that convert the sunlight into energy during daytime. This energy charges the batteries installed in the LED solar lights and further illuminates the LED panel during the night-time. Since the solution uses LED lights, it ensures uniform illumination and maximum visibility. This also minimizes the risk of accidents and crimes on the roads. Industries and Commercial Spaces Commercial spaces like offices, hotels, as well as other industrial verticals like manufacturing plants, warehouses and yards have lighting as one of their primary needs. Since they consume a significant amount of energy, shifting to solar lighting solutions could emerge as their notable contribution towards sustainability. According to the top commercial lighting manufacturers, solar lights provide brighter and better illumination than the traditional lighting systems and ensure massive savings on energy and maintenance costs. Airports Airports are one of the busiest places in the cities that experience hustle-bustle throughout the day (24×7). As they have very specific lighting requirements, luminaries serve as multiple purpose tools in these areas. They add to the aesthetical feel of the space while curbing the security and safety concerns alongside. Since solar lighting requires no external power source, installing them at the airports can work wonderfully well. It can bring down the total energy consumption (from non-renewable resources) and aid airport authorities with significant monetary as well as energy savings. For instance, solar lights by Wipro Lighting come with integrated motion sensors that detect the physical presence for switching on the lights. Moreover, they are also equipped with intelligent controllers that can regulate the light output based on a set time schedule to minimize the operational time. Apart from the above-mentioned places, solar lighting solutions can also benefit a wide range of public and private entities such as educational institutions, large departmental stores, public parks and gardens, tourist attractions, residential buildings, etc.