New Untapped Business Ideas in Kenya 2020

Kenya is still a lucrative frontier in East Africa to invent your money for a good return. The year 2020 has seen the continued growth of trends that have been anticipated for a long time. These include increased population, women, and girl’s emancipation and changing views of wealth. This presents the following new and untapped business ideas that can be exploited profitably in Kenya; Consulting One of the lucrative trades in Kenya is consulting. Company registration in Kenya gives your business a unique chance of acquiring legitimacy and launching a profitable establishment. Many Kenyan entrepreneurs have come to appreciate the need for information access in trade, and thus they readily consult experts. There is also the need to launch successful ventures in the quickest way possible, and not reinventing the wheel is one of the opportunities. Therefore, if you are good at what you do or have special knowledge in a given field, a consulting service will accrue smart returns. Experts are consulted on social media marketing, tax avoidance, customer access, and lean operations. A lucrative niche in this business is global trade, especially exporting and importing. Daycare Centers Another untapped opportunity is daycare centers in urban estates. 6 out of 10 mothers in Kenya are bound to be single mothers in their early years of childbearing. The increased awareness and access to education for many of these mothers have led to independence and boldness in raising their own children. In addition, many families in the capital and other urban centers in Kenya are made of working couples. Since many women are small scale entrepreneurs or low-level professionals, they prefer daycare services where they can drop their children in the morning and pick then in the afternoon. This is affordable than hiring a nanny, and many Kenyans are opting for the solution. Therefore proximity, safety, and reliability will get you started with minimal capital after approval from the local government. Online Entrepreneurship Kenyans have embraced the online revolution better than most East African countries. This high penetration makes online entrepreneurship a largely untapped avenue in Kenya. There are many opportunities for establishing an online business that exists or is poorly executed in the country. E-commerce trade is still at its beginner levels, with few retail centers using such platforms. Many commercial enterprises still rely on the brick and mortar style of business. This is largely due to a lack of a mediating service to establish e-commerce services. Freelancing is also a lucrative service in Kenya, with many professional services being offered virtually over the well-established online money transfer platforms. Car Rentals The changing attitudes among the young adult population have resulted in a need to show affluence despite the lack of supporting financial foundation. This makes the services of car rentals lucrative in the country. Cars are rented for a period at a fee without actual ownership. This alternative is better compared to owning a car with all its expenses. In addition, leasing is undesirable to many who shy away from the long periods of the lease. Therefore, many are content with renting a car for a day or a week to ease their travels or road trips. However, you need to consider registration of your company in Kenya to ensure that the cars for rentals are legal. Social Media Influencer Social media is used across age groups in Kenya. The platforms change, but exploitation is the same. Social media influencers in Kenya are in demand to create unique local content that can drive views to the platform. Many advertisers and business promoters seek these influencers actively, which provides a handsome return. The market is also closed to the local market since most of the content has to be easily relatable to the selected age group, platform, and with local medial laws. Body and Beauty Services It stated that Kenya has beautiful women. Many are also unapologetic wannabes who embrace and actively exploit beauty products. This is an untapped market despite the ubiquity of beauty shops. It lacks sufficient branding and market command, which creates a lucrative opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur. The market is also easily shared between selling beauty products and providing beauty services such as makeup artistry, pedicure, manicure, and hairstyling. A focus on costs, quality, and location can result in a good return in the market.