Society Registration And Its Incorporation Details

Society is an act for communal purposes. It is a consent agreement between the members of the concerned authorities. Societies are mainly formed to deliver charity toṣ the public. The groups do not desire any profits or gain from this formation. Society registration is done under the Society Registration Act, 1860. The registration is mainly focused to attain uniformity among societies and the public. Most of the states in India have adopted this rule. Society Registration Requirements For a society Registration, a minimum of 7 members is needed. Society registration at the national level requires a minimum of 8 members and these members are from different states. If the society registration happened in Delhi, then one member should be from Delhi along with any of the valid address proof. It can be an Aadhar card, Voter ID, Water bill or electricity bill. as well as the other persons who are also from different states each. The members should sign in MOA and filled with the registry of Joint-stock-companies. What is the Purpose of a Society? Societies are registered or formed for a common purpose, and it can be the following. Sponsor literature, fine arts, Science Broadcast Useful knowledge sponsor charitable assistance Distribute and create military orphan funds Found and contribute a public library Build and maintain a public museumṣ Encouraging social welfare and other charitable activities. Benefits of Forming a Society The benefits are listed below. After incorporation, Society becomes a particular legal entity. After the registration process, it forms as a legal entity. It will help society to sell, buy rent the properties, borrow money to enter into contracts using its name. Even if a member is replaced by a new member, the entity remains functioning. There is no breakage in the functioning of the entity. There are no Income tax-related burdens in Society Society Membership Normally, a minimum of 7 members is required in society registration as against 2 in Trust formation. All the registration applications should be filled with the Memorandum of Association. The MoA should contain the rules and regulations associated with the Society. The memorandum should include the below details, The registered office of the Society’s name, address, and area. Details of the Members of the governing body. Objects and names of promoters. Documents required for the Society Registration Photography of the members PAN Card copy Identity Proof Latest address proof Signed MoA Affidavits from government Procedures for Society Registration Selection of Name The selection of names is the primary and most important step of Society Registration. The name should be unique and should not violate anyone’s name or trademark. The manager of the society should fill the affidavit regarding the name is not the same or similar to any other NGO. Designing of MoA & By-Laws The MoA of the society describes the main objectives for which it is being formed, whereas the rules and laws are applicable and the responsibilities of the manager, treasurer, and secretary. Registration of Societies The registrar of the societies submits the signed MoA, affidavit and KYC Documents to the particular officials. After completing all those verifications the registration certificate of Society is issued. PAN,TAN and Bank A/C After the society registration, the next important and crucial step is to apply for allotment of PAN number and TAN and after opening a bank A/C for company purpose.