Gaining Practical Workplace Knowledge Through Work And Study

Freddy Romero has a dream of owning his own business. Originally from Colombia, he is currently pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration in International Trading at a Toronto career college. With an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post-graduate degree in Supply Chain Management, Romero knows there are several stepping stones ahead on the path to achieving his dream. One day, he hopes to own an international trade organization. So, when a part-time employment opportunity opened up in his college’s International Admissions Department, Romero knew he had to apply. He originally heard about the on-campus employment opportunity through administrative staff. After submitting his application by email, Romero took part in a telephone interview and in-person interview before being offered the position that same week. “Now, working in the International Admissions Department, I get to help international students like myself who want to study,” he says. The part-time position focuses on data entry and database management. Romero ensures international students have accurate documents for college application-a process he went through himself earlier this year. Now, he’s committing 20 hours per week to the position, working five four-hour shifts per week. After each shift, Romero has a three-hour window of time to study before his classes begin for the day. “I have just enough time to work and to study,” he says. At many career colleges, part-time job opportunities are available for students on-campus. By going through a real-world job application and interview process, students are able to put into practice the career skills learned in the classroom. Through on-campus employment, students are also able to gain additional work experience and enhance their skills. Both of which will make them more employable upon graduation. Thinking ahead to his career goals in entrepreneurship, Romero says his on-campus job is giving him practical tools to deal with administrative processes. “I can match what I’m learning in my studies with real processes in an office,” he says. When asked if he would encourage other college students to apply for on-campus employment opportunities, Romero is eager to say yes. “It’s very important to match theory with practice, he says. “I now have the opportunity to practice the subject I’m learning in my studies with this job; I can apply in real life what I’m learning in the classroom.” In addition, he says there are personal benefits to his on-campus job. “It’s good to know I can work and study in the same place,” he says. “I am saving time and money, and I am growing in an academic environment.” For fellow students hoping to land a similar position, Romero advises that they must be honest and responsible, and be sure to indicate all of their experience in their job application. “This kind of opportunity is good for improving many skills: communication, decision making, use of a second language, planning, adaptability and teamwork,” he says. Evergreen College is focused on diploma and certification programs that are designed to fill needs in today’s job market. By employing students on-campus during their student, the college couples classroom learning with real-world experience. The success of students and graduates is paramount. College services are tailored to ensure stands by students every step of the way to get they the career and the future they’ve always wanted.