Getting Uber Fare Estimate And Uber Rider Helps Available

All the people who travel by uber are really curious to know that how their fare is calculated and what are the factors they keep in mind while calculating fare. There are 4 main criteria’s on basis of which your uber fare is calculated :- Base fair- fixed amount that is charged at the beginning of every ride. Cost per minute- it is an amount that is charged every minute. Cost per kilometer- how much you are charged per kilometer. Booking amount- amount that is charged when you book a cab. Uber estimate can be calculated by a simple formula due to which they can tell you the estimated fare prior the ride. Estimated fare = base fair + cost per minute * total no. of minutes. + cost per km * total no. of kilometers. Uber Help For any issue regarding app login, fare issue, amount cancellation issue or any other issue related to the cab or driver you can simply call on the customer care number of you can open your app and click on the help option. Sometimes your uber account is blocked, which is major problem and occours if your payment is pending or you have any frauds with the any other genuine reason, then you have to write a mail to the customer care regarding the problem. If your problem is genuine then uber will activate your uber account otherwise it is impossible to activate the account. For ubereats, if the service is not on time or the food is not that good or the delivery boy is asking for any extra charges, you can directly call the cusatomer care or can simple click the help option on your uber eats application. Uber help is available 24*7 for their customers to help them regarding any issue that the customer is facing. Uber Driver Requirements There are some terms and conditions to become an uber driver Requirements and if all the conditions are fulfilled then only you will can become an driver. There are many vehicles that comes under uber which includes Luxury cars, hatchback, sedan, SUV, auto, bike etc. Hence, you can apply as a driver if you don’t own a vehicle whereas if you have a vehicle then you can join uber as an owner and driver. To be an driver your age must be 21+ and you should have an commercial liscense and should know how to drive and have some knowledge about the google maps and smartphone applications, their background should be clean, no police record and past driving experience also matters. These are all the uber requirements that are needed to become an uber driver.