Start Your Career by Learning Taxation Courses After Graduation

What is taxation? Taxation is basically a process of imposing tax on individuals who generate income. It is levied on income and is directly charged by government, there are different rates applicable from country to country. Developed economies charged at lower rate, while poor or developing countries like India charges are high Income tax is to be levied on the income of every individual , business companies . Taxes are calculated on the annual income of an assesse. Under Income Tax laws financial year starts on the 1st of April and ends on the 31st of March of the next calendar year. There are three main areas. First- Corporate tax : it is used for managing tax for companies or corporations. Second : Personal tax- it is used for managing for individuals. Specialisms include estate planning and high net worth individuals. Third : Indirect tax – managing tax on goods and services, such as VAT on products. This is different from tax on personal income or company’s profits. Scope? Taxation course has huge scope in today market, after online system in place in India, GST return filing, ITR filing, TDS return filing requires expertise. Those with practical knowledge can do this job with great ease/ Job Prospects One can learn taxation by joining any institute. These courses are always in demand and have huge scope, there are many jobs related to this field. If you are well-versed in taxation it can open numerous job opportunities for you as revenue managers, tax accountant, advisor, or practitioner. In many cases people become tax consultants, or tax practitioners after learning these courses. Eligibility Those who have completed their b com or graduation can pursue them. Students after completion of b com graduation can immediately join for such courses. Entry level basic course can be done by undergraduate who have completed their 12th course in commerce. Duration ? Duration of courses can be from short term to long term , there are institues whihc offer short term diploma course and there are long term degree courses available with various colleges and universities Career options ? Assistant. Executive Manager. Tax Consultants/ Practitioner Salary after learning Salary entirely depends upon the region , area, city and country. In India starting salary for any tax assistant varies from 2 lacs to 3 lacs per annum. However after due experience one can expect earning beyond 10 lacs per annum.