Introduction to KNIME Get Advance Training For Creating a Powerful Career Path

We live in the age of data. Tons of data are generated every day. This generated data can be used in many industries. Most of the industries nowadays are relying on data to prosper.
With the help of data, you can get to know your consumer behavior, their choices, what they love and what they don’t like, etc. In short, if you analyze the data properly, data can give you insights about which you have no idea to date.
This analysis of data falls under the category of Business Intelligence Analytics domain.
Now as we have come to the term of Business Intelligence Analytics, the hero of this domain is KNIME.
You might be wondering What is KNIME? Just be with me to find out everything about KNIME. KNIME KNIME is an open-source platform to perform business intelligence analytics and machine learning to perform ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)by simple drag and drop.
KNIME provides a GUI (Graphic User Interface) based platform that aids to build workflows easily and helps a non-technical background person to learn and perform analytics.
KNIME is widely popular because it uses natural language for processing and that in turn makes it easier to understand. In short KNIME platform performs the following: ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) process on Raw Data Helps to make Machine Learning easy Develops deep learning with workflows that are built to understand the process happening behind the scenes Data blending and modeling Perform analytics to draw insights How KNIME Works? The following is the working of KNIME can help you: This is the initial step and the raw data is gathered in this step. In this process, all the raw data is brought into the common environment Once the data is brought in the common environment now it is required to be cleaned and shaped. Cleaning and shaping keep only the data that is particularly required draining off the non-required data Now actual workflows are built using advanced algorithms to analyze the data Now this analyzed data is ready to be fed to the visualization tools such as Power BI and Tableau The prototype of the workflows is built so that the same workflow can be used for other same types of automation Importance of KNIME KNIME is a crucial open-source analytical tool as it is able to do the following things: It is able to perform Univariant Statistics as well as Multivariant Statistics It possesses the capability to do Data mining and Text mining It can also perform Network Analysis along with Social Media Analysis and Web Analytics Time Series is permitted Image Processing can be done It aids in API Integration It is able to process in Natural Human Language Companies using KNIME The following companies have already adopted KNIME: ASML B post Predict X Limited Ameriprise Finance Convert Cart LEGO Group and many more… Conclusion Thus, we discussed thoroughly the insights of KNIME. KNIME is emerging as the best BI tool in the market and is loved by almost all BI professionals. It is making the task of analytics to get easier with the help of automation. It is not wrong to say that KNIME type of tools is creating a revolution in the BI industry.