Worried about School Transport Facilities? Here’s How the Best CBSE School Leaves No Room

Schools which offer secure and timely transport facilities, remain in the priority lists of parents. Not everyone has the means and time to drop-off and pick-up children from schools on a regular basis. The best CBSE schools in Kolkata take care of this essential service. Take a look at the following points to have a better understanding on why school transport facilities are so important and how the best schools go beyond expectations to ensure secure and on-time transport of students. The Importance of School Transport Facilities Though some parents prefer to drop-off and pick-up their children from schools all by themselves, the list of advantages of school transport facilities is quite long. We cannot ignore it. 1. Regular service: If anything is more precious than money it is time. How much of extra-time are you left with after fulfilling your household and official responsibilities? Are you sure that you can add another task to your daily schedule which is already brimming with activities? Except exigencies, school transport facilities are offered on a regular basis. Once you opt for this service, you don’t have to reschedule an important meeting or make some other adjustment. 2. On-time service: School buses start-off with enough time in hand. You don’t have to worry about whether your child will reach the school, on-time. In case of any delay, the responsibility stays with the school itself and students are usually allowed to attend classes. Transport services run irrespective of weather vagaries. You get uninterrupted services during monsoon season or in the months of foggy winter, which is priceless to say the least. 3. Secure service: Top schools in Kolkata never sit idle on existing operations. They keep on evolving and so do their services. School buses are installed with various security devices like WiFi, CCTV cameras and biometric sensors. Parents can keep a tab on the location of a school bus right from their office (or wherever they are). CCTV cameras add an extra layer of security to the occupants of a school bus. Biometric sensor reports are sent directly to the parents as SMS messages. 4. Comfortable service: Some top schools in Kolkata recruit transport operators who run AC buses. When students are transported in comfortable transport modes, they begin their days afresh, focus better and stay healthy. School management appoints officials who perform systematic checking to evaluate technical and non-technical aspects of a bus. The objective is to never allow transport operators ignore the maintenance needs of school buses. 5. Green service: Last but not the least, when we opt for private transport options, we act selfish. Every day, school buses transport around 20 to 30 students, in a single trip. What if all these 20 to 30 students had opted for private transport options? Each of these individual vehicles would have contributed to the rising menace of greenhouse gases. School buses help reduce greenhouse gases. Best Schools Go Beyond Expectations of Parents Security of students is the topmost priority of the school management. Responsible schools never allow teachers to leave school buses till the last student is safely dropped at their home. Schools insist transport operators to go beyond expectations while offering school bus services.