10 Foods You Shouldn’t Miss While Traveling to UAE

If you are travelling to the UAE no doubt you have already decided on which tourist attractions in Dubai and the other areas that make up the UAE, you will be making a beeline for. But it is not all about the attractions, do not forget you have the delight of sampling all sorts of unique and wonderful foods as you travel. With this mind, here are 10 foods you shouldn’t miss while travelling to the UAE. 1. Luqaimat When you have a chance to take a break during your Dubai sightseeing try a dish called Luqaimat to hit that sweet spot. They are hot dumplings that have a texture and taste not dissimilar to doughnuts. You should find plenty of places that serve these, usually topped with a date sauce and sesame seeds. 2. Camel Now this one you can find all around the Aab countries. Not only can you experience tasting camel burgers or perhaps a stew, but Arab countries also drink camel milk. The taste of camel milk is different to cow’s milk, a little saltier but it is very nutritious. 3. Kabsa Another dish eaten around the UAE is Kabsa. It is created with rice, meat and vegetables, plus a mix of spices to give it its flavor. It is worth noting that there are many different variations of this filling meal. Various meats are used such as chicken, goat, lamb or shrimp. This meal is often served with an Arabic tomato sauce. 4. Shawarma Well, all that Dubai sightseeing will surely build up an appetite and that is why Shawarma can be a great choice when you are still out and about. It consists of spicy meat which is served in a wrap and with optional mint sauce and salad, making it a great handheld food. Be warned though, it is very spicy! 5. Al Harees Now, this is a famous foodstuff eaten in the UAE and is a very unique offering. It is created with meat and wheat. The meat and wheat are cooked with a pinch of salt in boiling water for hours until a smooth paste is created. The paste will then be cooked in a clay pot for most of the night. This dish may contain added spices to further enrich the flavour. 6. Al Machboos Another dish where all the ingredients are cooked for a long period in boiling water, the ingredients being rice, meat, onion and dried lemon. Again, spice may be also added. This is a very hearty and popular dish across the UAE 7. Shuwaa If you are a big fan of lamb, there is a good chance you will enjoy this dish. Shuwaa is a whole lamb stuffed with rice, vegetables, spices and nuts and is cooked slowly over either a closed or submerged oven. 8. Shish Tawouk Sandwich If you fancy a sandwich while you are exploring the UAE, maybe give a Shish Twouk a whirl. The sandwich has a filling of garlic, spices and thinly cut chicken which has been pressed flat against flatbread and rolled with other vegetables. 9. Chips Oman Roll This one could work well as a snack as well as the main meal. It is a roll made with cheese spread and smashed spicy potato chips. It is simple but highly flavourful and very popular with residents in Dubai. 10. Samboosa These are a variation on India’s samosa’s, essentially. They are filled pastries with meat, vegetables and spices, and once again would work wonders as a snack whilst you are walking around the Emirates.