4 Best Condiments That Your Kitchen Closet Should Have

Are you one of those who need a particular sauce dip or chutney while having your staple meal? Then this article is the right place for you! Condiments like multiple dips, curds or pickles are the favorite customization items for every dish, especially Indian dishes. Either you gorge on a king-size burger where mayonnaise is must or want to enjoy the crunchiness of crispy parantha, it is some pickles that add some great taste to it. So, condiments are found to be the biggest companion of foods and enhancer of taste. They are found in widest varieties of taste including sweet, sour, tangy or spicy. Let’s find out about some of the popular condiments here. Pickles There are many different types of pickles! They are made especially from vegetables or fruits with a mix of oil and a whole lot of crushed spices. The veggies or fruits are fermented and preserved in oil or vinegar or citrus juices for hours and days. Later, it is then blended with a lot of spices including turmeric, asafetida, chilly powder, amchur powder, and so on to add piquancy to the taste. Mango, carrot, lemon, mixed vegetables, green chilies, or chicken pickles? You name any and there you can get it from any grocery store or can prepare have the recipe yourself from the internet. Raita It is a pure yogurt item, made into a dipping sauce and contains finely chopped vegetables, fruits, and some spices. They are used to balance taste while having hot and wholesome dishes likes biriyani or pulao. While cucumber, onion and some mint are the key ingredients for making raita, sometimes apple and carrot are also used. Chutneys Chutneys are pure bliss while having snacks like samosas, pakoras or kachoris. They are a combination of different ingredients including herbs, leafy vegetables, cashews, and raisins. Classic green chutney that people have with Chaat or Vada Pav is made with mint, green chili, and coriander leaves. Other than this, there are other varieties too like Lehsun chutney, sweet tomato chutney, and date tamarind chutney. Yogurt dip Quite like raita, this Yogurt dip is healthy and a great way to make your flatbreads in the breakfast tastier. This is a recipe made by combining the hearty Greek-style Yogurt with fresh chopped onion, cucumber and sometimes tomato. It is complemented with some sugar and mayonnaise so that it thickens to form a dip and ready to be placed in your sandwiches! Simply the taste enhancers, condiments are full of flavors and goodness. They complement the dishes whether it a whole meal, a starter, appetizer or a simple crunchy snack. While Indian cuisines are really not complete with one or the other type of condiment, there are many medicinal values found for these condiments too. The spices that are used in their preparations are seen to have essential properties of healing and enhancing health parameters. So, the next time you run to a shop for your groceries or log in to an online grocery store, do not forget to buy some condiments, especially pickles to make your food experiences more enriching.