Bake That Cake!

Most people would choose cakes over anything, whether it is mithais or any other savoury treats, cakes are the top most priority. Even after a heavy meal, there is always room for desserts and especially cake. Obviously birthdays and occasions stand incomplete without cakes, but do you really need a reason to bake one? You can bake anytime and anywhere, because baking therapy is the best therapy. Baking is an art and to master the art, we have got these secrets tips for you! 1. Don’t measure, weight it: Most people measure the quantities of flour and butter, but experts say it is best to get a weighing machine and weigh your ingredients. This is for the simple reason that measuring may not be as accurate as weighing and we want a perfect cake. 2. Knowing the oven is important: If you are planning to bake a cake or anything for that matter, you should definitely know the functioning and processing of your oven. Is there a baking mode in it? Is it at the right temperature? Is it going to heat from both sides? These things are generally to be kept in mind. 3. Let your cake cool: Good things generally take time and baking is the best thing. Before taking the cake out of your tin, let it cool for around 30 minutes at least otherwise it might result in breaking. 4. Place the cake in the centre: Make it a point to place your cake in the center of the oven. And also if you are making two batches, do not overcrowd the pan. Be patient and bake them one by one. Also avoid baking in a very hot oven; it results in your cake being dry. 5. Make sure you check it: After it is done, insert a knife or toothpick in the center of the cake, because sometimes the inner portion remains uncooked and the cake just gets cooked from outside which we don’t want. We have compiled a list which has super easy recipes whether you want a chocolate cake recipe, a regular cake recipe, or an eggless cake recipe or even a fancy cake recipe. Here is everything you need! 1. Eggless Chocolate recipe: Looking for a Chocolate cake recipe without egg? No it is not going to be tasteless. Most people carry a misconception that a cake is incomplete without egg. But this statement is not entirely true. Lots of delicious and authentic cake recipes are eggless. Eggless chocolate cake with loads of cocoa powder, sweetened milk and topped with some icing sugar tastes heavenly! 2. Chocolate Mud recipe: Chocolate is a blessing and this cake recipe proves it and if you like dark chocolates then this cake is just the right one for you. Loaded with rich flavours of dark chocolate, soft and moist with a slight taste of coffee in it. Super chocolaty, super easy recipe and extremely delicious! Warning for the health freaks: Don’t fall in the trap of tasting it because one bite will never suffice and you will end up cheating on your diets. 3. Chocolate Pearl recipe: What a treat to the eyes! This cake recipe can’t be praised enough for its amazing flavour and decor. Chocolate frosting on the top and covered with chocolate pearls make them look so delightful. Try this show-stopper cake recipe for a birthday party and be a star chef. 4. Tiramisu Cheese recipe : To most of us, tiramisu is already a favourite. A rich coffee flavour with a soft creaminess to it, it tastes best when served chilled. Layers of flavours with chocolate cake slices, mascarpone cheese and coffee powder is something everyone should try at least once. Make sure to share this easy recipe with your loved ones. 5. Zebra recipe: An exciting achromatic cake recipe which your kids will surely love. White and black coloured cake put together for an exciting zebra effect. Spread loads of whipped cream on it and you can even top it with white and black chocolate chips to make it even more scrumptious.