Worried About How to Keep Dates Fresh For A Long Time?

Dates are one the beneficial dry fruit in the history of mankind since man sath foot on this earth. It contains a lot of health benefits and they are sweet in flavor that makes them alternative to white sugar. There are a lot of method to keep them fresh if you are planning to eat them within a week or months, you can store them in an airtight cupboard or any container where dates are able to retain their moisture because dates taste at their best when they are properly moisture. They can be stored in a fridge for some months to come if you are planning to buy in bulk and use them later then store in a cool place. There are some other methods to store dates some of them are. 1 Store them in an airtight container to keep them fresh. Place your dates in an airtight container with glass jar that works really well. Alternatively, you can use plastic bag, Throw the air out of the bag and seal the bag tight. 2 Store Semi dry dates in your kitchen cupboard. Place your dates in your kitchen cupboard and make sure they are out of direct sunlight. Store them away from the stove and oven or any other device that produces heat. Deglet Noor is the example of dry dates. 3 Store soft dates in a cool place. Soft dates are unlikely to semi dry dates and can be stored in a refrigerator. soft dates are not at their best freshness and taste if they are not store in a fridge. Medjool date is the example of soft dates Place them in a freezer bag. Throw the air out of the bag and seal it tight before putting dates in it, alternatively use an airtight container like plastic jar or Tupperware when you are storing the them. Place them at Deepest Part of Your Fridge for quick freezing. Store dates at the deepest part of the fridge is the best way to keep them fresh if you are not sure when to use them as this way dates will freeze faster and retain their freshness and flavor. Take them out of the Fridge Before 1 hour To Use To retain freshness. If you want to use them right after taking out from the fridge, then soak the dates in a bowl of hot water, this way dates will start to becoming soft and ready to use within 30 minutes and gives the same taste as they did that day you purchased them. 4 Consume within a week for the best taste and freshness. Organic medjool dates do not normally go bad within a week or months if they are stored in an airtight container and cool place because they have a very long shelf life. somehow the intensity of the flavor goes down if they are sat longer in a shelf. Date should be consumed within a week for the best taste. they have a tendency to dry with white spots continue to come under the skin. If you notice the rotten smell and loss of taste,they have expired.