Tips to Reduce the Hazard of Blue Light

With the ever-increasing use of digital devices, we tend to put our eyes at a risk for retinal harms. As per studies, we can only grasp a part of the wavelengths found in the electromagnetic spectrum ranging between wavelengths of 390 nm to 700 nm. Blue light has the shortest and the highest energy wavelength ranging from 380 nm to 500 nm. Thus, these waves create a dazzling effect on the eyes, which leads to weary eyes, unclear vision, headaches, and nearsightedness. With this, the prolonged exposure to blue light results in photochemical damage, which is the main cause of damaged retinal cells and making us prone to age-related macular degeneration. Blue ray protection lenses are a good way to protect our eyes from getting damaged by the blue light emission. With that here are also some practical ways to reduce the hazard of blue light. Let’s have a look: Restrict the use of electronic devices when not working on it: This measure calls for a digital detox. Of course, you can’t avoid the digital devices in the workplace. However, you can restrict the amount of time you are spending on electronics while you are not working. Digital devices are often a good way to spend leisure time, however, are also a major cause for tiring of eyes and muscle strain. A blue light filter app is suggested in case you are using the devices more at night: Your App store suggests a list of free apps that would place a filter on your smartphone screen or tablet that would reduce the glare at night. Thus, it would help to reduce eye fatigue. Restrict your device usage directly before bedtime: Exposure to constant blue light is one of the prime causes for restlessness ,sleep and insomnia. Restrict yourself by setting a limit of turning off all your devices at least an hour before bedtime. Also, charge your devices in a different room and away from your bed. In this way, you won’t be tempted to turn them on again. Blink rate is reduced notably: We are more prone to dry eye these days, because while using the electronic devices for a significant amount of time our blink rate is reduced at a massive rate. Might sound funny, but to avoid dry eye, place a sticking note on your computer screen written “Blink”! While the more you blink, it would help you to keep your eyes wet and refreshed. Get your eyes tested regularly: Only a proper eye test can detect the true health of your eyes. Get it done regularly by a licensed specialist. This would ensure that your vision stays perfect. For better results, you might as well ask your ophthalmologist for prescribing lenses with blue light filters to reduce the strain on eyes. If you are searching for a pair of blue light glasses, search for one of the most reliable blue blocking glasses dealers. But before that, talk to a specialist and acquire all the necessary information to make a smart purchase.