What is the procedure of hormone pellet therapy?

The hormone pellet therapy is becoming increasingly popular amongst people of all age groups, both men and women for providing balance in the hormones of the body. Since hormones are a very important part of the human body, they are therefore necessary to be kept at a level to get the best results out of them. but due to some medical conditions of the body and some other factors such as aging, it becomes hard for the level of the hormones to stay the same in the body. This is when the level falls and when you are required to look for some solution such as going for therapies and treatments.

In this post, we are going to talk about hormone pellet therapy Atlanta and know how the procedure is done so that the maximum amount of benefits could be availed from the therapy. Here are the steps in which the therapy is done for the patients.

  • A patient has to visit the outpatient department so that he can be checked and the pellet can be inserted into his body. The use of the pellet is such that it keeps on releasing the hormone slightly into the body and helps maintain the level of hormones in the best possible way.
  • When the pellet is inserted, there is very slight discomfort that might not be felt at all. Your doctor will give you slight local anesthesia and would make a little incision in the upper hip area of the person. Then he puts the pellet into that area and the size of the pallet is around the size of the grain of rice. So the whole procedure takes very little time and you cannot feel it much as it is done before you know it.
  • No stitches are required in this process and only the tape is used for sealing the wound the wound would also not take too long to heal. Therefore, this is a very simple and easy approach to balancing the level of your hormones with pellet therapy.
  • There are usually minimal to no side effects of this pellet therapy, still, if you feel that there are any such changes in the body that you are noticing and you want your doctor to know about them, then you must pay a visit in time.